How do you delight millennials? and trust me you should!

When you’re dealing with digital natives, none of the old rules of marketing apply.

Contribution made thanks to: Etienne Bezy, Christoffer Laulund, Jesper Cronsioe, Saumya Aggarwal , Christopher Kummelsted, Stockholm School of Economics

Gear Up Labs in Buenos Aires

Lena works – via Skype – with aspiring entrepreneurs in Gear Up Labs in Buenos Aires

Pedestrian Airbag -Additional delight or yet another functionality?

The All-New Volvo V40 – Pedestrian Airbag Technology

Contribution made thanks to Viktor Broberg, Stockholm School of Economics.

What is the customer’s experience with you?

Create an Unforgettable Customer Experience With These 5 Tips

Does your offering have to many buttons? Do you know what your customers want?

3 Steps to Determine Product-Market Fit

When your Customers are at War with each other – What do you do?

Bridges to span Amazon’s dominance

A Gamechanger – Driving the rest of the Driving Schools in France crazy!

A Driving School in France Hits a Wall of Regulations

The last mile is the challenge!

Delivery Start-Ups Are Back Like It’s 1999

Delivery Start-Ups Are Back Like It’s 1999


Bike Messengers: The Real Winners in the Same-Day Delivery Boom?

One step at the time – how the next best toothbrush is created

Build A Toothbrush, Change The World. Or Not

I buy it when I believe it!

Don’t Sell a Product, Sell a Whole New Way of Thinking