Delight is Participation!

Kevin Roberts: Brands Are Dead. Welcome to the Participation Economy

The first fridge in an Indian village

About a quarter of homes in India have a fridge – for the first time a family in one village near Calcutta has installed one in their house.

The village that just got its first fridge

What is it like to be an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley?

A few years ago Tom Kosnik and I worked on some research together regarding entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. We tried to find something to compare it with and decided to use climb Mount Everest could work as a comparison. We read “Into Thin Air” by Jan Krakauer and were amazed by the story itself but also by how many comparisons that could be made with the challenges that an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley had to face. Here is a TED-talk that I think also merits as a way of understanding entrepreneurial endeavors – probably anywhere in the world:

Why bother leaving the house
What do you think? Enjoy! Lena Ramfelt


How to run a brainstorm for introverts (and extroverts too)

Become an Opportunity Maker

Be an opportunity maker

Sit still and be quite – and the ideas might come to you

The art of stillness

What a “holy shit!” in an everyday pain

Help! I want to save a life.


Gear Up goes to Vietnam


Is the delight to sew or to just get the button back on the shirt as fast and easy as possible?

Contribution made thanks to Daniel Filipson, Stockholm School of Economics.

Coca-Cola distributes anywhere in the world – why not put it to good use?

colalife – Building unlikely alliances to save children’s lives

Contribution made thanks to Simbisai Mandizvidza, Stockholm School of Economics